Travellers and connectivityMy wife gives me a (probably well deserved) rough time about how I tend to bring my digital life with me when we’re on vacation. This has come in handy, like when I was able to pull up New York transit maps and directions up via Google Maps on our trip to NYC earlier this month, although I almost wish I’d known about this Android App. However, I know that there are definitely plenty of other times when my wife wishes I’d left my smartphone and/or laptop at home.

Now, I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who brings their tech with them, because according to this article, “Most Vacationers Stay Connected To Internet, Digital, Social Media” on MediaPost:

“No matter where vacationers migrate this summer, chances are slim that they will completely disconnect from digital media and communications.Indeed, 72.2% travelers in 2010 say they accessed the Internet, email or social media sites while on their last vacation, according to a new study from ad network Burst Media.

That represents a significant jump from 2009, when three out of five — 63.3% — travelers admitted to using the Internet while on vacation.

Men are more likely to go online while away — 76.2% — than women — 67.7%.


Read the entire article on MediaPost News.

With this greater level of connectivity on vacation, what are most of these people using the web for on their vacations? Keeping in touch with friends and family is first (my guess is this is a lot of showing off the great trip Facebook photos), followed by finding information on the local destination, then came news and sports sites and finally was checking in at the office. I believe that this shows that there is a very real and quickly increasing demand for information that travelers can use once they’ve reached a destination, like the Google Maps and MTA app I mentioned earlier. What are some ways that ski resorts can develop web content/services  that cater to visitors once they’ve arrived at the resort? Are there any good examples out there? Personally, I’d love to see something along the lines of the MTA app – simple and useful!

Photo: Guilty! This is me being way too connected at work (kind of looks like vacation though).