A recent Travelocity survey reveals that over half of all travelers share vacation information via social media sites. The survey results are being used by Travelocity to urge travellers to use prudent measures when posting vacation items to social so as to not give miscreants any ‘hints’. See www.pleaserobme.com as a prime example of how easy this information is to procure via social networks; by the way, that site was developed by people trying to raise awareness about potential consequences of posting information online. Here’s Travelocity’s chart showing what sort of ‘policies’ families have for posting vacation information online:

Travelocity graphic on family policies on posting vacation information to social

Once we look beyond these safety issues of posting vacation details online (which are certainly important to consider) it’s easy to recognize that this is a huge opportunity for resorts to take advantage of these fifty percent plus segment of vacationers that are already sharing their experiences online via social media.

Most experts in the travel industry agree that there are at minimum three phases to a vacation: planning, experience and memories. I’d say that the vacationers that Travelocity surveyed are in the experiential and memories phase and while Travelocity notes several great ways for vacations to share their memories, I know there are a huge number of ways that resorts can help their guests share their experiences while on vacation, like signs asking guests to Tweet or share a photo on Facebook. What other ways can ski resorts leverage this growing segment of vacationers? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!