On a recent vacation to Hawaii, I made a conscious effort to cut back on social media use. It was a nice break from the continuous updates and checks that seem to make up a decent chunk of the day during the regular work week. In checking back now, a few months later, I’m surprised to see that in particular on Twitter, I sent no tweets during the entire trip, aside from the day of arrival and departure, take a peek:

Gap in Tweets during vacation

I also pulled stats from Tweets stats which showed interestingly that I did tweet, which is odd, but it also shows a steady increase of followers, which I suppose I could believe is true:

Tweetstats tweets and followers chart during vacation

I bring up these personal stats as I just saw the results of a recent survey which found that half of all leisure travelers update their social network status while on vacation, with 40% of them admitting that they no longer send postcards as social updates are just so much more “gratifying”. tnooz provides an excellent summary of this Ebookers survey data, which while it queried Britons, I’m sure would also apply here in the US – what do you think? And do you provide social updates while on vacation?