How is it that the major winter holidays of Christmas and New Years come so darn early in the winter season? Why couldn’t they be in January or February so we could have a bit more  time to get things really dialed in before we hit the busiest and most lucrative week of the season? I don’t think that there are many other businesses that have the same crunch to get things ready within such a short amount of time.

It’s even a double edged sword in that we have to fight off weather issues, it would have been a really ‘interesting’ Christmas here in Utah if we hadn’t gotten a 30 inch storm last week, and we also have to wait to get fully staffed up until we can get most of the mountain open, so much of our training is accomplished in a very short time frame.

Thankfully we have a great core group of year round and seasonal employees so that things really do work out for the best, but I can only imagine the difficulties that many of our managers face every year as they bring on staff and almost immediately have to prepare them for dealing with some of the busiest days of the entire season. In any case, it’s just how it goes in the ski resort business, any good stories about getting open during the busiest time of the season?! And, happy holidays everyone!

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