This is another case study based upon a test I did this past weekend.

I took my wife to see Ben Folds with the Utah Symphony. No, that’s not the test, but it was a really good date night. During the concert, I took a couple of videos with my phone and posted them to YouTube. I didn’t tweet that I’d posted them or link them to my Facebook, I merely posted the videos to my YouTube account with descriptions, titles, tags and geo-tags and now within a week the stats are:

Video Views Comments Top Link followed to Video Top Link Percent of Total Views
Picture Window 59 7 YouTube Search 70.7%
Not the Same 98 0 YouTube Search 61.9%

The numbers are not “viral”, but still pretty impressive for a couple of clips that were never promoted whatsoever.

Key takeaway, tag and title your YouTube videos according to what your customers are likely to be searching for. And, for your enjoyment here’s one of the clips I shot last weekend: