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Because I’ve seen the carnage that can result by not CAPTCHA (if you have no idea what this actually mean – well here you go) protecting forms on websites. Here’s a classic I just pulled up:

Impossible CAPTCHA


Do you know what these words are? I sure don’t.

In fact, even though I’ve had what I consider good protection on this site, using a variety of tools like Askimet and CloudFlare, I still have 49,793 spam comments that Askimet alone has “protected” this site from. Boy, that’s a ton of spam as well as some wasted time on my part to clean all of that crap out. This makes it tempting to use CAPTCHA to protect my comment form, but I do hate putting up any barriers to people who do want to leave a comment on my blog without having to login via social login.

What are our options aside from CAPTCHA? Not a lot, there are some simple forms with math problems and such, but I like this “Are You a Human” option which, aside from the fact that it’s supported by advertising in the free version, is actually quite clever in that it asks the user to play a quick game to show that they’re not a bot. Think that sounds interesting? Try playing with it below: