Travel Weekly 2010 Consumer Trends CoverTravel Weekly just published their 2010 Consumer Trends report and there’s a wealth of interesting information contained within it. In looking at this from a ski resort point of view, I found several key takeaways:

  • The average American traveller took 4 vacations in the past year and spent more than $3,500 on leisure travel services.
  • Travelers are segmented into 4 attitudinal groupings of which I would consider “Familias” and “Touristers” as most likely to take a ski vacation.
  • There is a drive to track down the best deal possible (consumer visit on average 20 sites before purchasing), but too much discounting by a travel provider can create cognitive dissonance in consumers and cause them to abandon their purchase.
  • Women are the travel decision makers and are more willing to spend extra to make sure the whole family is happy.
  • There is a disconnect between passion and practice in most consumers booking “green” travel.
  • “Milestone” travel is gaining momentum, in part spurred by the ease of planning these types of occasions via social networking. I found it even more interesting in that there’s great example of a heli-ski trip planned for a 50th birthday in the article.

Finally, even with uncertain economic times, this report states that 16% of all travelers state that they plan to take more overnight trips this year versus 14% that they plan fewer and even better, among affluent travelers (those w/HHI of $125k or more) 20% plan more trips versus only 9% who plan fewer. Certainly good news for us ski resort marketers who depend upon the more affluent for more and more of our vistors.