Travel2dot0 Social Cheat SheetI’ve been a loyal reader of the Travel2dot0 blog for about the past two years – definitely subscribe to it if you haven’t already. Recently, I’ve been interested to see that Troy Thompson, one of the two main contributors, has recently started his own consultancy business. While I’ve never had the opportunity to meet Troy in person, we have corresponded numerous times and I have certainly been impressed with his breadth and depth of knowledge and interest in marketing for travel and tourism entities.

With Travel2dot0’s move into consulting, Troy has written up a helpful PDF, called “The Social Cheat Sheet for the Tourism Marketer“, on which he lists a large number of social networks that tourism marketers should be aware of . I think that all major social networks relevant to tourism marketers are on this list, although a few second tier networks that could be included on an updated list could be:

Of course, the biggest thing to remember in terms of social, is that social media is only another tool to accomplish your goals, if you don’t clearly define your goals and strategy then using one of these new and shiny tools won’t amount to anywhere near as much as it otherwise could. Aside from this, which everyone needs to decide for on their own, this “Cheat Sheet” does a wonderful job of defining the uses of each SocNet for tourism marketers – well done Troy!