Disney Facebook AppDigisynd, Disney’s social media division, has recently developed a Facebook application called Disney Tickets Together to sell tickets for their upcoming “Toy Story 3” movie. This app will allow consumer to buy tickets without those customers having to ever leave the Facebook site. The application will also alert a users’ friends that they have purchased tickets to TS3 and encourage them to purchase tickets as well. Disney has already said that they plan to evolve this application for other Disney movies if they deem it to be successful. Interestingly, Facebook will not have any share of revenue of tickets sold, they just hope to see more ‘stickiness’ on their site.

By creating this app with Fandango, Disney is leveraging an existing online ticket distribution network that allows them to sell tickets for most theaters around the country. This leads to a few questions:

  • Is this an space where ecommerce opportunities are open for ski resorts to sell their tickets or other products like rentals and lessons online?
  • Would customers be willing to buy a lift ticket on Facebook so they could coordinate which days they wanted to ski at a particular resort with their friends?
  • Can existing ski resort technologies be adopted to enable this, or is this something that a third party vendor such as Liftopia would fulfill?

I just wish the app had found a theater near to me so I could have tested it out!