This post is a quick chance for you to help choose where I should go for my birthday dinner this Friday. Quick admission, my b-day isn’t until next Wednesday, but that’s “school night” and it was a lot easier to snag a baby sitter on a weekend night! Here’s how you can help me, choose from on of the local restaurants on this list, or write in one you think we should try:

Update – I’m closing the poll at 3pm today (9/17/10) so hurry and vote if you still want to. Also, we do have 2 write-ins for Spruce and 1 for Mustang (I can’t figure out how to make those show in the show results area).

Final Results – It’s a tie between Chimayo and Spruce with the all important tie-breaker, a co-worker’s vote going to Chimayo. Thank for playing and next time I’ll figure out a way to ensure that write-ins are somehow made visible! ๐Ÿ™‚