It’s interesting to me to see how much information is available online for marketing professionals to further their knowledge. This has only been further enhanced with social networks giving marketing professionals the ability to connect, share ideas and knowledge in ways that were simple impossible just a few years ago. With this shift, it would seem logical that conferences would become less popular as they are displayed by their online counterpart. However, this certainly doesn’t seem to be the case with the upcoming PhoCusWright Conference that I’m attending next week, in that over 900 attendees are already listed on the  conference site, which to me seems like there’s a high level of interest, at leaset in this particular travel conference. Check out the nifty trailer they’ve produced (I asked, and last I heard, Brian Olsen, the artist in the video, isn’t going to be demonstrating – I’m kind of bummed on that):

This all is leading to why I think that attending at least one conference every year or so is something that all marketing professionals should try to do. The thought behind this is to get out from behind the desk and try to get some new and different perspectives on trends and new ideas that might not be found even with all of the online opportunities that abound. I would also argue, that it’s good to look for conferences outside of your particular niche sometimes as that might be the way to find the idea that no other business in your vertical has implemented yet.

So, while I’m planning for PhoCusWright 2010, I’d like to put out two very different questions that I’d love to get your thoughts on:

  1. If any of my readers have attended a prior PhoCusWright Conference, I’d love to hear if you have any tips or suggestions that I should take into account when attending?
  2. What conferences are you planning, want to or have atttended in the past and how was it?

Thanks in advance, and let this also be a warning to those that follow me on Twitter, there will be a lot of conference related Tweeting going on from the 16-18th of this month, hopefully you’ll some kernels of wisdom in them!