Lack of snowPreliminary numbers from the 2011-12 Winter Season have been released by the National Ski Area Association, and boy do they stink…down 15% to 51 million, or back nearly to 1991-92 levels…wow, that was the season I moved to Park City and was a long time ago!

Other interesting items of note:

  • 50% of resorts opened late this past season
  • 48% of resorts closed early this past season
  • Lowest national average snowfall since the 1991-92 season (interesting coincidence?)
  • The biggest YoY drop was 17.6% drop in 1980-81, but there was a 22% increase the next season (reason for hope?)
Read the release here and the full report will be issued in July from NSAA.
Photo credit: Flickr user (taken in Europe in 2007 – but is a great representation for the past season here in the States)