The energy drink company Red Bull is an impressive marketing and promotion machine and their latest winter sports effort, “Art of Flight” is another example of how well they bring a media product to market, in fact, I’d say it might better bet titled “Art of Promotion”.

The movie officially launches today, September 8, available via download on Apple iTunes or ordering a DVD or Blu-ray disc version, but Red Bull has been running TV ads for at least the past week teasing the movie and they’ve certainly got some good PR efforts going as well as I noticed this article in the local Salt Lake paper this morning promoting the movie as well. And they’ve also kicked it into gear via social channels, even going as far to use Klout Perks as a way to get more exposure for the movie.

Is Red Bull’s strategy working? Well, it got me to write this post and peep their teaser – in fact, check it out for yourself: