I’ve been scrolling through a my Google Reader blog RSS feed, trying to catch up  on several weeks of posts that have somehow passed me by – it’s crazy how intense the heart of the winter season can be sometimes – in any case, I was reading a post by Chris Brogan, a long time favorite blogger of mine who had posted about PostRank and I figured that I’d try it out myself. I’ve written before how I like to use this blog, and testing out new plugins is one of the many things that I do like to do with this “sandbox”.  PostRank integrates directly into the post admin page of WordPress and looks like this:

There’s also a component that shows directly on your dashboard which shows “engagement” generated both on and off blog over the past 30 days.

To me, this is great information, as it allows me to see what content is engaging people so that I can hopefully write more on topics that are of interest to my readers, and to be able to measure that interest both on and off-site in a simple and easy to understand way, such as how the PostRank plugin does, is great. Does anyone else have tools that they use to measure the engagement of their content?