I’m still figuring out all of the cool things that can be done with my new Motorola Droid phone. But, one of my favorites right now is the My Tracks application which not only gives you real time information on your speed, distance, slope and the like, but also allows you to download your track to Google maps and share it with your friends (you can also add your distance/speed/etc information to a Google Docs spreadsheet).

I tried it out today and here’s my “track” for my four runs before football this morning:

View Day 3 in a larger map

I’m going to try to track as many days on the hill as I can with this to see what it looks like. What other sorts of cool things could be done with this? One thought would be to map out tours of your resort with specific points of interest noted in the tour. Or, perhaps have a contest to see who can turn in a map with the most distance or vertical covered?  To wrap up, I think this application is a huge step towards creating resort centric applications that will be of real value to an end user and not just a modified snow report – what do you think?