Twitter Logo Twitter is a very useful tool in my social networking arsenal. I find myself using it both for work and personal objectives and many times I find the two to be interconnected. To me, the most useful aspect of Twitter is the ability to see information coming across the web in pretty much real-time via my Twitter stream, or more often through Twitter search. I find a ton of fantastic links to timely content via the search and by scanning my Twitter stream (I tend to only look at the tweets from certain people) I’ve found some incredibly useful stuff that I never would have found otherwise.

To manage my Twitter accounts (my personal @eric_hoffman and work @pcski) I am currently using Seesmic Desktop (formerly Twhirl from the same developers) because it allows me to sort users and keep searches in it’s easily read column format. I like that it also allows for the stream from all of my accounts to be consolidated into one column, same as with replies and direct messages. I have a Windows phone so I’m using PocketTwit for mobile tweeting, it’s definitely not as slick as many of the other mobile Twitter apps, but it’s as good as I’ve found for my OS, it has multi-account support and does have a pretty slick kinetic interface.

Finally, I also use Twitter as a sort of cloud based note taking by virtue of using hashtags, at meeting, conferences and even online webinars. I find it helpful to be able to review my tweets once I’m done, but it also can generate interesting discussions with others who aren’t at the meeting or on the webinar and I’ve even followed conferences I couldn’t attend via their hashtags! Just a ‘heads up’ on this topic, I’ll be attending a meeting on October 21-22, so when you see a ton of tweets coming from me with #mpdm please be aware that this is what I’m doing and I’m not intentionally trying to over-tweet you!