It seems like just yesterday that the social media world was all aflutter over Tourism Queenslands “Best Job in the World” campaign (including me, check out my post about it from January 2009). I’ve since seen campaigns offering dream jobs ranging from “working” for a vineyard to “tweeting” for MTV and even traveling to Colorado to see snow for the first time (interestingly the page has been completely removed already). In a fit of inspiration I thought I’d do a quick survey of how the winners are doing by using a few Twitter ratings (I’m using the accounts promoted by the companies including the Murphy Goode account in which the “job” is already over):

Name Company/Promotion Followers Tweetlevel Compensation
Ben Southall Tourism Queensland/Best Job in the World 4,033 55 $150k AUD/6 months

($133,800 US)

Gabi Gregg MTV/MTV TJ 13,760 74 $100k/yr
Hardy Wallace Murphy Goode/A Really Goode Job 2,563 44 $60k plus costs/6 months

I know that these people are doing a lot more that Tweeting, but I find it interesting to see, at least on one social network, a rudimentary gauge of reach (followers) and a self-described gauge of influence (Tweetlevel). Only in the case of MTV does it seem as though the person is really making inroads, at least on Twitter.

This fairly meager success hasn’t slowed companies from trying to leverage social mediaites by offering “jobs” or opportunities to be a “blogger”. Here’s a quick rundown of a few options:

Company Promotion Requirement Compensation Be a Powderhound blogger 1-2 blog posts/wk over the 2010-11 winter season A SkiUtah! Silver Passport, $,2400 value
Vail Resorts Snow Squad Share the “Stoke” Epic Pass, smart phone and approx. $3k in gear
Canyons how do you mountain 3-4 blog posts/wk over 4 months $40k + lodging at Waldorf Astoria*, F&B allowance, spa treatments, pass and more
*I did a quick check on a suite at the WA and at $500/nt that’s over $60k just in lodging!

What does this mean? I’m not sure, perhaps these sorts of contests are really successful and more companies are following suit because of the success? Or are companies not completely sure of what direction they should take in the social space and these sorts of promotions are relatively easy to create and manage? Or, is it a something else? If you have an opinion please share it in the comments section below – I look forward to hearing your ideas!