I’m so accustomed to using Seesmic Desktop and the Twitter Android app to access Twitter, that I only just realized that I got access to the “New” Twitter via Twitter’s web interface….and I think that it’s pretty cool. I like the ability to see media directly in the page, as well as all the additional information that makes it easier to view the conversations that you are having. In fact, if it weren’t for the fact that I’d lose out on notifications, I might switch to the new Twitter as my main Twitter interface. However, I still like Seesmic Desktop and will most likely stick with it as my client of choice for now. In the meantime, I’ll keep playing with the new Twitter and at least ensuring that I know how it works and looks – and on that topic here’s my one tip and that is to tighten up the left column on your Twitter background because due to the larger body container (1040px) the left column is now down to a visible width of (potentially, depending upon screen and browser width) under 190px, I’ve set my updated background text area at 185px in width!

Here’s a screen cap of my impressions:

NEW Twitter screen capture

Click image to enlarge.