Blackcomb Glacier verticalIf you haven’t taken a look at, you might want to sneak a peak and check to see what the “true-up” vertical for your favorite resort is. It’s a bit tough to tell who maintains this site as well as exactly what their methodology and source for their statistics are. There is a Stats and Accuracy page, but it doesn’t clearly define where and how they are compiling these stats – accuracy to the foot? I would hope that topo maps with minimally 10 ft increments were used, because if Google Earth were used, it has variation of +/- 10 meters, or an over/under of over 30 feet each way which means a potential 120 foot vertical error rate. This all noted, I still like the site, with it’s clean look, easy user interface and unique perspective on presenting ski resort data.

Here’s what I like:

  • It’s clean and simple
  • Data is presented in an easy to understand format
  • Searching for resorts works quickly and simply
  • As a skier, I love long, sustained fall-line skiing, which is basically what their “true-up vertical descent” stat represents

Here’s what I still would like to see:

  • Some sort of comparison tool
  • Details on the “true-up” locations for each resort, on a map would be really helpful
  • More details on the data collection process are needed as well is an interesting and fun site and I hope to see it expand further in the coming winter season.

Photo credit: Flickr user Joe Shlabotnik