Out of officeIt’s great to get out of the office to see what your customers have to say, as I described in the first part of this two part post. However, I think there’s another reason to get out of the office that’s really important – and once again, I’m not going to write about getting out for some turns, as that goes without saying!

In speaking with other people that work in the ski resort industry, I’ve found that there’s a common theme in that there’s almost always some sort of “us vs them” mentality between the “office” and the “operations” people. It can be as minor as good natured back and forth ribbing to as major as turf wars as to who’s responsible for what and even rising to the level of major projects not moving forward due to internal disagreements. Thankfully I don’t have any personal experience with anything aside from the good natured sorts of things, and I hope that with a few good steps I can keep it that way.

It’s important to me to get face time with other people in our company that I need to work with in my various job responsibilities (you’d be surprised what I wind up doing that goes outside the bounds of  the web), it’s certainly much nicer to have a quick chat once in awhile that to just communicate with email, text or phone calls. It’s also a luxury to work at a resort that makes a lot of effort to have all staff get together whenever possible, we have a yearly mountain clean-up day, various team dinners and parties plus there are the typical manager meetings and the like.

Photo credit: Flickr user CarbonNYC