Flickr photo

This is the next in a series of posts in which I am reviewing “Social Networks for Ski Resorts.”  There are a huge number of ways to share photos online, but Flickr is one of the largest and most established and has some unique features/benefits that make it hard to bypass if you have a business that is looking to share photos online (personally, I’m not sold on their video option at this point).

First off, Flickr is owned by Yahoo! so you can (pretty much) rest assured that the site will be up and your photos accessible for years to come. Now, the key to this is to understand that if you are planning to post more than 200 images, then you’re going to want to purchase their “Pro” account. It’s just $25/yr and allows for unlimited uploads for images up to 20Mb apiece, using a nifty uploader application, I’ve been able to upload literally hundreds of images totaling well over 1Gb all at one time! All images are stored in high res format and Flickr even resizes for various download options. Here’s my one caveat: I’m a bit perturbed to have  just learned that Flickr has now limited their stat reporting for Pro users to the past 28 days, which is a negative, but hopefully not a harbinger of changes to come.

In any case, uploading images to Flickr is easy, tagging is simple in the uploader, EXIF data can be readily included (geeky camera info) and geolocation tagging can be added through a nifty map interface. The overall user interface in Flickr is a bit problematic and many of the navigation and editing functions aren’t as intuitive as they could be, but additional integration with the Picnik online image editing application is very much appreciated by those who don’t have Photoshop (or perhaps don’t want Photoshop) on their computer.

Flickr is also a tremendous resource for Creative Commons licensed images via their Creative Commons search option. What this is means is depending upon what usage you intend for an image – business blog post or the like, you can search for images that Flickr users have allowed you to use with simply giving them credit, many even allow you to modify the images if you’d like. In fact, this is how I get many of the images that I use in my blog!

In closing are a few Resorts I’ve found using Flickr and using it well:

  • Alpine Meadows – lots of photos, consistent posting, and I love that they have a gallery of employee images.
  • Big Bear – great quality images, organization is just chronological, but they’re consistent.
  • Moonlight Basin – basically just used Flickr for their Photo of the Day postings, but they did also include several Video Snow Reports.
  • Diamond Peak – doing a great job of keeping images coming, even in the offseason, with photos of some construction that they’re doing.
  • The Canyons – an example of a way to promote lodging and weddings via Flickr.
  • Mt Snow – I think it’s awesome how they posted a chunk of photos of their employees thanking everyone for a great season.

If you think there are other resorts using Flickr in unique, or well-executed manner, please let me know in the comments!

Photo credit: Flickr user Zanastardust via creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic