This is another post in a continuing series on Social Networks for Ski Resorts, check out the ever evolving list here.

I would bet that there are a lot of people that wouldn’t be thinking of Urbanspoon when they think about social networks – I would also bet that those people are not in the restaurant business. With their iPhone, Android and widget (see below):

Urbanspoon has set the bar for apps that allow users to choose where to eat based upon their location and some fun user selectable, or completely random options. BTW, the widget doesn’t allow for settings outside most major metropolitan areas, so you’ll need to select Park City and lock it in the first column to see the options for here.

If you haven’t used Urbanspoon, it is a fun way way to choose dining options, even where you live, but even better when you’re travelling. It’s ability to select a restaurant and then see reviews is unique and this is what, in my mind makes it appealing to ski resorts that wish to add another dimension to how they market their food and beverage options online. Particularly once a visitors is leaving the mountain, they are no longer captive to the food choices at the on-mountain restaurants, so why not ensure that your restaurant is listed in Urbanspoon?!

In terms of ski resorts, I’m not sure of any that have made a concerted effort to get their dining properties listed on Urbanspoon, if you know of any, please let us know in the comments!