I’ve written before that this blog is a tool that I like to use as my personal sandbox, to test (and share) ideas, tools and more in the digital space. I haven’t been the most consistent in posting to this blog, but in the six plus years that I’ve written, I’ve published 318 (including this one) posts which works out to an average of 53 posts per year, or just over one post per week. The posts have been a bit less consistent in the past two years, but starting back on August 8, 2014, I’ve made it a goal to publish one post per week (and on Mondays) to see what effect publishing consistency would have on visitation to the blog.

What have been the results so far? In looking year over year, not great (aside from the New Sessions number):



There are a number of variables that could influence these results, and the biggest one for me is the length of time for this effort. I  have only a few months in maintaining this consistency. Also, in trying to get a regular flow of articles, I’ll be the first to admit that some of the content I’m posting might not be as relevant to my audience as it should be. In a way, it’s an experiment in finding my sweet spot in terms of the best performing content for this blog as well as building consistency for visitors, knowing that they’ll find new content on the blog each week.