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Design and How to Do It

I’m not a designer, but as an online marketer I find myself often looking at the how content can best be presented to visitors. It’s clear that there are now many devices and ways that users can interact with content and that there needs to ways to have it look and act consistently across these devices and interaction methods. A new and rapidly evolving option to accomplish this is Google’s Material Design which they call “…a visual language for our users that synthesizes the classic principles of good design with the innovation and possibility of technology and science.”

Here’s a quick intro clip of Material Design elements:

And here’s a much deeper panel discussion introduction to Material Design:

Watch, think and plan for your next projects, material design might not be the right fit for everything, but it’s a great way to frame new ideas and projects.

Fascinating Research and Analysis of Social Networks

I recently read this presentation by Paul Adams of Google on John Battelle’s Searchblog, and wanted to share it myself as I was quite taken by a number of the things that are put forth. First, I’m amazed at how quick of a read it is at 216 slides with notes! Second, as John notes, it has a number of digs at Facebook, but I also find that Paul does put forth a number of very positive design recommendations.

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