Gears and wheelsIn part one of “How to Blog More Industriously (or at Least Make it Appear That Way)”, I describe a number of tools that I’ve found helpful to keep a blog full of content and now I’d like to share some of the tools I use to come up and keep content ideas handy – basically, how to keep things linked together. First and foremost, I do a lot of social bookmarking to help me remember topics that I read about that I think I might want to blog about eventually. I’ve used Delicious for years, but have been recently been testing out diigo as a bookmark tools with some more depth. I also use Google Reader as a social bookmark tool too, but find that it’s much more fitted as the RSS feed reader that it was originally designer for, and still functions exceptionally well –  I also personally love the fact that I can access the mobile Google Reader on my phone and read and keep up with my favorite blogs on the run.

In addition to simply bookmarking, there are also tools like Evernote, which allow a user to take screen shots, clip sections or even save an entire web page to your account. You can then tag entries as potential blog ideas, or todos and then return to them to flush the idea out further, save for later or perhaps even use as support for a different post. Another super useful element of Evernote is that you can load the plugin on browsers on multiple computers as well as an app on you phone and all will synch to the same database.

A tool that I haven’t used as often recently as I used to for finding interesting topics is Stumbleupon. I think that SU is one of those web services, like Reddit and Digg, that you either like and get, or don’t. Basically, it somehow matches what you’ve liked in the past along with your network and then shows you a list  of interesting sites that other users have Stumbled – not always the best blog content ideas, but certainly some interesting sites and content – I mean serious, check out these paper cut rolls, they’re pretty darn cool!

Photo credit: Flickr user ShuttrKing|KT