Industrious blogging

I’ve written about blog frequency and trying to find a pace that’s right for posting to a blog. Currently, I’m blogging at a rate of 3 times a week Mon/Weds/Fri and I’ll let you in on a little secret, I’m not writing those posts on those days. In fact, to give some perspective, I’m writing this post on October 24 (edited further on Oct 27) and by virtue of the scheduling tools available with WordPress, I’m able to save this post away for future use, either when it seems appropriate given other content I’ve posted recently, or when I have a gap in my publishing schedule.

Now, unless you’re the sort of person who has incredibly insightful and detailed posts, I’m of the opinion that an infrequent and/or inconsistent blogging schedule will probably not be able to garner you a loyal readership. I know that some will call me out and say that why post something that isn’t of absolute top-notch quality? I’d love if every post I publish were Pulitzer worthy, but I truly believe that polishing in the internet era is less important than getting a post out the door. Besides, if a post if written appropriately on a topical or interesting topic, it should generate engagement in comments above and beyond itself.

In any case, I believe in posting frequently and I’ve  found a nifty plugin called Editorial Calendar to help out much more graphically with this job than the basic scheduling feature that WordPress includes. The calendar allows for simple, drag-and-drop moving of posts from one day to another – yes, I will push my schedule back if something topical pops up.

How does one continually fill up the slots in an editorial calendar and not run their well dry of ideas? Well, that’s something I tackle in the post which is about tools to help organize and consolidate content and content ideas.

Photo credit: Flickr user -Tripp-