Last week, on September 24, Loveland Ski Area was the first resort in the country to kick-off snowmaking for the 2010-2011 Winter Season. For a resort close to a major metropolitan area with lots of skiing and riding enthusiasts, it probably make sense to try to start the winter season as soon as possible and Loveland is planning to open in mid-October. My question is, does it make sense for other resorts that don’t have the altitude and geo-graphic location that Loveland has to put forth the effort to get open early? My response is “no”, I don’t believe that the publicity from an early opening will generate enough business, both during the early opening and later in the season, to counter the added expense of an early opening for most resorts. There’s also the challenge of staffing an early opening as well as the potential negative aspect of having to close if Indian Summer moves in. Whatever the case, it’s exciting (and for those of us in the industry a bit scary) to see how close we are to the 2010-2011 Winter Season, take a look:

And I’d like to point out the nice intro title sequence – I love the season pass promo!