If you haven’t seen any of the “Shift Happens” videos, and even if you have, I highly recommend checking out the latest in the series, “Did you know 4.0”.  Even as a person that is very involved in the digital space, I’m always impressed by the stats and figures that are shown in these videos. In fact, I personally am reminded of the Mac SE I got in college (yes, I’m that old) with it’s massive 20 MB internal hard drive and speedy 8 MHz processor as I have my (2 year old) phone sitting next to me with 96 MB of built in memory and a 400 MHz processor. What were the specs of the first computer that you owned???

So, take a few minutes to watch this clip and as you do, try to keep in mind the intentions of the producers of the clip, that we all need to recognize that our world is changing rapidly and that it’s not just for us, but also for our kids, that we need to continually keep abreast and ahead of trends and directions in technology. Enjoy!